Unboxing: Books That Matter (Image Heavy)

Guess what just came in the mail! That’s right, somebodies, it’s the 100% Official Books That Matter box!


Check out Books That Matter at https://www.booksthatmatter.org.uk/

So let’s dive in!

This months content

So as you can see, we’ve got a sweet, sweet book, a stick, a badge, a key-ring and little leaflet / poster about “Key Moments in Black British History”.

So first up, we have the main event, our book for the month. This months selection is Washington Black by Esi Edugyan.


The little guide-to-the-box sheet has this to say about Washington Black: Described as “nothing short of a masterpiece”, Washington Black is the perfect choice to celebrate Black History Month. (…) Edugyan takers her reader from the Caribbean to the Arctic, to Nova Scotia, London, Amsterdam and even Morocco (…) analysings the human condition as she explores love, friendship and history throughout Wash’s extraordinary journey.

And did I mention that it’s super pretty?

Now let’s have a better look at this months goodies!

So first up, we have a little pin-badge by Nyanza D, whose work you can find at https://nyanzad.com/ which you should totally check out. Some really cool artwork on there, including some really excellent body-positive pieces I really love!

Next up, we have a beautiful sticker (about the size of my palm) and key-ring from Red Bear Universe. The sticker is going straight on my laptop ’cause it’s awesome! Also, here’s an up-close and personal look at the key-ring:

Is that not the cutest little key-ring you ever saw?! Don’t bother answering, ’cause I know it is!

So there we have it, another months worth of super special, super lovely books and gifts. If you’re not already supporting Books That Matter and the authors and creators they are working with, you should be!

Here’s your link collection for you to check out:

Books That Matter:

Website: www.booksthatmatter.org.uk

Twitter: @booksthatmatter

Instagram: @booksthatmatteruk

Nyanza D:

Website: https://nyanzad.com/

Twitter: @nyanzad_

Instagram: @nyanzad_

Etsy: Monchi by Nyanza D


Twitter: @redbearuniverse

Instagram: @redbearuniverse_

Etsy: Redbearuniverse

Black History Month UK:

Website: https://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk/

Twitter: @BhmUK

Unboxing: Books That Matter (Image Heavy)

Time for a special treat – for me, anyway. This morning my Books That Matter subscription box came in the post, which is obviously super exciting. If you don’t know what Books That Matter is, here’s the skinny:

1Books That Matter is a monthly subscription service delivering important pieces of literature and feminist trinkets to your door. Each month you will receive at least one piece of literature which enlightens your mind on themes of gender, race, culture, class, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, politics, or history, as well as at least two gifts by independent female-identifying or non-binary artists.

Our woman-run team have created this beautiful box to promote the reading of truly important world literature, and we aim to collaborate with female identifying artists and writers to bring you titles by not only women writers, but underrepresented voices too, such as those of women of colour, transgender authors, less able women, and queer writers. Every trinket you receive alongside your books will be hand crafted by an independent female artist and will be in support of her trade.” ~from https://www.booksthatmatter.org.uk/

As you can see, this book box was a super idea, and I was never going to not support something like this. I pre-ordered my box pretty much as soon as the option was available since I happened to have some money left over from my birthday!

Keep in mind, this box was £12. TWELVE QUID. You wait until you see what’s in this box and you tell me if you think it was a bargain. (Spoiler alert: It was)

Nice box design 🙂
Contents wrapped in pretty paper. So cute!
What surprises lie in store?
The content. We’ve got a book and 4 sweet, sweet bookish gifts ❤

Let’s take a closer look at the contents!

The little guide-to-the-box sheet has this to say about Purple Hibiscus: Purple Hibiscus was this month’s books of choice for so many reasons, but it;s extremely fleshed out and multi-dimensional characters of Kambili and Jaja, and it’s covering of topics such as race, colonialism, religion, politics and family tensions propelled it to become our first book to feature in the Books That Matter boxes.
My motto is: If all else fails, give me a bookmark! I looooove bookmarks ❤
This is a bookish mirror, and it’s awesome. I’d take a picture to show it’s shininess but you don’t need a picture of my phone! This was made by Rose Cast, whose work you can find at www.arosecast.com – check it our, there’s some really super pretty stuff on there.
A swanky tote bag, which is just what I need for swanning about after a bookshop visit! This was designed by Bad Vibe Art whose work you can find on instagram – @badvibeart


Also included are “access to interactive blog posts that will guide you through Purple Hibiscus, and exclusive podcasts” but those are harder to photograph! Pretty sweet, eh?

As you can see, this book box is just stuffed full of glorious bookish, feminist treasure! I’ll be reading Purple Hibiscus as soon as I’m finished with Conversations With Friends (Sally Rooney). Can’t wait for the next box (if I can get one!).

A couple of final things before you go.


First off, check out this section of the guide-to-the-box sheet:

That’s right. Ideas for reuse and recycling. Can this box get any better!? Love it.

Finally, some links for all of you (some I’ve posted already). Go check ’em out.

Books That Matter:

Website: www.booksthatmatter.org.uk

Twitter: @booksthatmatter

Instagram: @booksthatmatteruk

Bad Vibe Art:

Instagram: @badvibeart

Rose Cast:

Website: https://www.arosecast.com/

Twitter: @arosecast

Instagram: @arosecast