New Feature: Professional’s Choice


I’m quite enjoying reading outside my comfort zone, so I try something wild and crazy (and definitely unoriginal).

Every so often I’m going to be asking some sort of bookish profession to recommend me a book. Could be a librarian, a bookseller, and author, a book blogger – anybody who works with books!

I’m gonna ask them what books they love and why they love them. Then I’m gonna read it, and see what I think to it. Then I’ll cobble together some sort of blog post about the whole thing.

So you’ve all got that to look forward to.

I wonder who I’ll ask first…

New Feature: Kwik Reviews


Sometimes when I start writing a review, I realise I don’t have enough to say about a book to warrant a full review. Often a book can stand out but I just lack the vocabulary at the time to do justice to a full review.

Enter Ragdoll Reads Kwik Reviews!!

These will be shorter reviews, maybe a few paragraphs. A rating, recommendations etc.

I’m also hoping that by doing these I can refine the art of the short review and hopefully be able to use it as a leaping off point for doing reviews semi-professionally. Who knows. That’s long term – for now, I’m just going to write and see what happens.