Guest Reviewer!! Emily (Furious George)

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Hey guys. My name is Emily, I’m 13 years old and I’m Holly’s (Ragdoll) little sister. Hopefully I’ll be your guest reviewer soon. I consider myself a bit of a nerd (as do most others) and have a great passion for reading and writing. I have a very broad taste in books and no particular preference. My genres range from realistic and historical fiction (e.g. The Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley) to free ebook trash that happens to be downloaded on my kindle.

Choosing favourites is hard for indecisive folks like myself but there are some books that hold a special place in my heart. Like many other people, I grew up reading the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling and adored it. I still do adore it. The characters Rowling created are so beautifully created and will stay with me all my life and, although I have not yet received my Hogwarts letter and met them, I feel like I have a true connection with them.

In the last few years, as I have begun to think for myself, I have developed a real passion for equality and justice for all – an end to the isms and the phobias. An end to the hate. This passion has shown through my recent book line up – ‘The Lies We Tell Ourselves’ being about racism and homophobia, ‘The Art of Being Normal’ about personal identity discovery and, probably the most harrowing book I hope to ever come across, ‘Paper Butterflies’ about domestic violence, abuse and racism. Reading these have just added fuel to my fire and made me truly understand humanities issues and how, although we have come so far, we still have so far to go to find an end to injustice and inequality.

I hope you enjoy my reviews 🙂

Opening Gambit!

Message to the theoretically somebodies who almost certainly aren’t reading this:

Hi somebodies!

If you exist, which you probably don’t, then welcome to my little blog. Hopefully you found your way here for book reviews, because if you came here for recipes, thoughts about cars or insights to the political machinations of the world you are going to be MASSIVELY disappointed.

Book reviews. That’s it.

For now, it’ll be whatever I happen to buy. Once upon a time I used to review for Titan, hopefully I’ll be able to do so again for others. Until then, please enjoy the occasionally eclectic selection of book reviews I intend to post!