This weeks #FanArtFriday (and yes, I know it’s Saturday – I was recovering from burning yesterday!) features the biggest and most annoying missed opportunity from the Star Wars canon, Darth Jar Jar.

If you don’t know about this, there is a theory that Jar Jar Binks was supposed to echo Yoda. Yoda was a bumbling idiot, then turned out to be a super important Jedi – Jar Jar, the theory argues, was a bumbling idiot who was supposed to be this super important Sith Master! It’s my favourite fan theory of all time, partly because it’s mad, and partly because it makes PERFECT SENSE. If you’re not convinced, or you just want a really good conspiracy to learn about, check out this youtube clip on the subject: Darth Jar Jar – Star Wars Theory (Vincent Vendetta)



This week’s #FanArtFriday is Dr Who, which I’m in the process of re-watching (AGAIN). This features my favourite doctor, Nine. Also included as a special bonus is the tattoo design I’m planning on getting when I can afford it.

Tattoo Design: 

Needs a bit of a re-draw so it has less obnoxious white space round the clock. Please note the clock hands point to 9 and 12, my favourite doctors 🙂

 photo 28616742_2019867881586651_1789860661667673743_o_zpsrfjlyetu.jpg


Hush somebodies, I know it’s a little late but my computer blew up!

Introducing an exciting NEW feature:


Art seems to be therapeutic so I’m taking any and all excuses to do some. I intend to just do random pics of things I’ve been enjoying this week in my signature Ragdoll style. So enjoy it.

I’ve already done 3 so I’ll post them all here, and then I’ll try and do one a week from now on.

First up is MYLK. Mylk is an awesome singer/songwriter/producer and I’ve been going super wild for her music over the last couple of weeks. You can check it out on her soundcloud here: Mylk – Soundcloud

#FanArtFriday 1 photo sketch-1531004494604_zpscfd5bth9.png

Next up is Belzebubs – my favourite web comic, and as it turns out a pretty rockin’ band too! I made this after seeing the video for their song ‘The Blackened Call’ which you should definitely listen to because it’s GREAT!

Belzebubs – Comic via Facebook

#FanArtFriday 2 photo sketch-1531178712914_zpsiowbjoej.png

And finally, we have a front cover for a non-existent book in the Amelia Fang series (by Laura Ellen Anderson). I absolutely adore her art style and when she asked on twitter for people to draw Miss Fang in our own styles I wasn’t going to turn down the chance.

Laura Ellen Anderson website

#FanArtFriday 3 photo sketch-1531502940545_zpsiqvyphwk.png

So that’s #FanArtFriday, looking forward to next weeks!