Reading Challenge #2 Complete!


OK, so maaaan did I ever low-ball my goal for challenge #2. 35 books? Total?! When I set this goal, 35 books looked impossible, but apparently, I’m just reading like crazy right now (thank you *very* much audiobooks!)

You can check out the first part of the challenge here: Reading Challenge #1 Complete!

So what did I read to bring my total to 35?

25. Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers – Grant Naylor
26. Jakob Kayne #1: La Isabela – Sylvain Runberg
27. Star Wars: Master and Apprentice – Claudia Gray
28. Making Money – Terry Pratchett
29. Amelia Fang and the Half-Moon Holiday – Laura Ellen Anderson
30. Star Wars: Dooku: Jedi Lost – Cavan Scott
31. Star Wars: Darth Plagueis – James Luceno
32. Just One Damned Thing After Another – Jodi Taylor
33. The Inimitable Jeeves – P.G. Wodehouse
34. Red Dwarf : Better Than Life – Grant Naylor
35. Star Wars: Maul: Lockdown – Joe Schreiber

Best book of the lot I reckon was probably Star Wars: Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray. A brilliant book in its own right, but the audiobook production was superb. I mean, Johnathon Davis is a wonderful narrator, and he even does the voices!

My current reads are:

Alien Covenant: Origins – Alan Dean Foster
Unseen Academicals – Terry Pratchett
Pyramids – Terry Pratchett

Next challenge:


If you’re keeping score, that’s another 15 books I need to read by the end of the year, which quite frankly seems pretty much laughable now. But saying that, I am moving out for the first time in the next few months so who knows how much reading I’ll get done after that.


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