Announcement: 2019 Reading Challenge!!


That’s right you beautiful somebodies (especially the beautiful somebody who has been checking back pretty much every day for this news, I super love you), in 5 sweet, sweet days, I will be revealing the categories for the official Ragdoll Reads 2019 Reading Challenge!!

In case you don’t know about the challenge, here are some deets!

There are three levels;

  • Lite Reading
  • Regular
  • Serious Book Dragon

The level you choose will depend on how many books you think you can manage.

The Lite Reading edition contains 12 categories plus a special bonus category. That’s a book a month, and one for luck!

The Regular edition contains 24 categories plus a special bonus category.

The Serious Book Dragon edition contains a whopping 52 categories, 4 ‘free reads’ and a super special bonus category.

The editions build on each other, so if you completed the Lite Reading challenge, you would have completed half the categories from the Regular edition. You see? Fun!

I would loooove it if people got on board with this, and if you do plan on doing the challenge, please let me know in the comments or hit me up on twitter (@RagdollReads)!

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