Study J(OU)rnal, Prep Week, Year 1


Tomorrow is the official start date for my new degree. The course I will be starting with is called: Y033 Science, technology and maths Access module (link to Open University).

Having just finished one OU degree (BA(Hons)) I haven’t had to do much prep to start with, since studying is pretty fresh in my mind. I have had a read through the assessment guidelines, and I may have lowballed the estimation of my abilities – it looks pretty easy, at least compared to what I’ve just done so that should be interesting. I was advised that it might be too easy, but I didn’t want to risk it in case there was some differences in study behaviour in the sciences that I wasn’t aware of.

What I have done is fished out the blog post I made, on Saturday the 11th, 2011, two weeks before my first degree started. Here it is in full:

There’s just over 2 weeks (or something like that) until the start of the course, so a blog post is in order.

I have no idea what to expect from this course, but needless to say ‘the arts’ is not my strongpoint. But if it’s required to get to the history side of things, then it shall be done.

In preparation for the course I have:

-Read most of Dr Faustus (which I intend to finish reading after posting this)

-Watced the DVD section on ‘Cleopatra’ twice, having read the question and thought about it

-Looked through the study tips but stopped when it tried to tell me how to use a computer.

-Been reading the topic forums for insights

I’m quite enjoying Dr Faustus. I’ve read through the Faustus thread on the forum but haven’t made any posts yet. I nearly did soon after the initial post was made but decided against it, unfortunately now everything I had to say seems to have been said, so lesson learned; Next time I get an opportunity, take it.

I have looked at the first assignment and am not too worried about it at the moment. The Cleopatra question I am fairly confident I can write 500 words about. The Faustus question I am less certain about, but hopefully I will be able to do it well.

It’s nice to have a view of my thoughts from before my last course. When I started that degree I had dropped out of Sixth Form, dropped out of Audio Engineering school and was feeling hopeless. I started with the OU with the intention of studying history. I was worried about the first course, AA100 The arts past and present (link to Open University) because it involved all sorts of disciplines: “art history, classical studies, English, history, philosophy, music and religious studies.” I had failed philosophy and classical studies at A-level 5 years previously and was scared to death of this. I hated English and religious studies and art, and ‘music’ involved opera which I really hated.

As it turned out, AA100 was probably the best thing that had ever happened to me until that point. It opened my eyes to so much. I moved away from this strange idea that I couldn’t do, or didn’t care about the arts. I moved away from a pure history degree, and wound up taking a Religious Studies and Philosophy degree instead!

I remember being worried about starting the course now. I had forgotten how scared I was. It was all new, and big and daunting. But I managed it, and did pretty well. Hopefully I’ll do the same this time around!

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