Weekly Roundup #1


About my week

I’m introducing a new thing nobody asked for. The Weekly Roundup. Mostly it was an excuse to draw things…you’re welcome. Basically it’ll just be a quick snapshot of the things that have been happening in the Ragdoll world this week. Enjoy!

This week has been a tough week for me. I managed to do almost NO reading what-so-ever. I just couldn’t focus on it, which was a real shame but what can you do.

I haven’t been completely lazy though – I’ve been busy drawing and writing things. I’m started drawing fan art (for #fanartfridays) and children’s picture book covers I’m thinking of writing. I also started plotting a children’s book so it’s been fairly productive.

This weeks reading

This week I’ve been reading (links to Goodreads)

This weeks posts

New acquisitions

Books added to the collection this week (links to Goodreads)

Soundtrack to the week

3 songs that had me hooked this week (Links to YouTube)


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