Reading Challenge: Around the World 2018


We are mid-way through the year, the sun is shining (although I don’t encourage that sort of thing) and there is a whole world of books just waiting – begging – to be read.

I’ve already started writing the official Ragdoll Reads Reading Challenges for next year, but that seems like such a long way away and there is so much reading to be done. Hence this super special reading challenge, just for you special somebodies who have stumbled upon my humble blog.

The challenge is seven to ten books long, so it should be manageable for most people.

So let’s crack on the with Ragdoll Reads ‘Around the World Reading Challenge 2018!!!

Warning!! Completing this challenge may expand your mind.

Around the World:

First, pick a location:



Antarctica / At Sea*



North America

South America

Think about the author, the story or the characters. Perhaps your author is from a country in Asia, or the story is about a town in some part of Africa, maybe the main character in the book is from Australia – fairly simple.

*This one seemed prohibitively difficult as just Antarctica, so I added At Sea for ease of use.

Then pick a category:

Author From The Same Continent

Author or Story based in a Developing Nation*

LGBTQIA+ Author, characters or themes

Female Author

P.O.C Author

Pick any of these five categories – they should be fairly self explanatory. These categories will be applied to our location choices and hopefully narrow down our choices a bit. Also, they should help us find authors from demographics we might miss out on normally. You can use any category for any continent, you don’t have to use them all.

*within the continent you picked. If you aren’t sure which countries count as ‘developing’, click here for a link to the United Nations classifications.

Then pick a book that fits both!!

For example:

Asia + Female Author = Wandering Son by Shimura Takako (Japan)

Africa + Developing Nation = Links by Nuruddin Farah (Somalia)

When you’ve finished one, move on to the next continent until you’ve read one from all seven!!

If you finish those and still want more, here are some bonus locations. Pick a bonus location and a category, find a book and read it.

Bonus Locations:

At Sea

In Space

A Made Up Land

You can download a neat little chart (.pdf) so you can keep track of your progress!

Ragdoll Reads Around the World Reading Challenge 2018

So there is is, the Ragdoll Reads Around the World Reading Challenge 2018. I really hope you enjoy it – it’s definitely worth doing!!

If you feel like giving this challenge a go, leave me a comment below. If you’re feeling really lovely, share it with your friends – the more the merrier. Oh, and if you find something really amazing let me know so I can give it a read!!

Have fun somebodies!! Find some excellent books.


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